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The pack seems like it's pretty well made, though I kinda wish the sprites are four directional, which would be more fitting for a top-down rpg as compared to only having the front view.

I don't see images of Ancient Bear boss, is it possible to post?

Hello RapturedPixels, you can check it here! :)



Is this the only asset pack with trees in it?

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Hello caleb, if you want the animated trees, you can get them on the Jungle pack, the world pack contains all Rogue Adventure packs + lifetime updates.

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WHAT A GREAT PACK!thanks a lot,one of my best purchase ever made <3 was wondering,there is any method to edit the charachters/monster animations spritesheet in order to use it in mv/mz?what's the plugin you were talking about?thaks in advance :)

Hello, I'm not sure where to find the plugin but I do believe there is plugins that allow more animations to characters , you want to make the walking sprites for RPG Maker?

Yep,want to try to use it in arpg in rog maker ,was cool trying to use all your stunning frames :) both enemies and you remember plugin's name?thanks for your reply :)

Hello, sadly I don't remember as it's been years since I lastly used rpg maker mv...

Hey there! awesome pack btw. How do you simulate the atlantis underwater effects as well as the rain from the ancient ruins? bought the package but just wondering if we can get a sample scene as well thanks!

Hello, I use a FX effect on the atlantis with GameMaker, the rain effect is done with particles, one particle fall and when this particle dies, she spawn at random other particles.

Hello, love your work. I do have a question, I purchased this, the mega bundle, and FD pack. It seems like the tilesets in the mega bundle have 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48, but in the rogue adventure pack, are all the tilesets (ancient ruins, atlantis, etc.) only 16x16? On the seperate tileset purchase pages (if i just purchased ancient ruins for example) it comes with all 3 sizes. I am just surious if the rogue adventure bundle has the 32x32 size as I have a 32x32 character creator that I would like to use if I could, but dont want to mix a 32x32 character with 16x16 environment/enemies if the rogue adventure is only 16x16


Oh so actually I see in the .zip it has folders for the 32x32 and 48x48, I imported using the unity package initially which doesnt have the different folders, it only has 1 size (16x16 it seems like). I can just import the zip and setup the palettes myself actually, sorry to confuse you

Hello, no problem, if you need any of the sprites whenever I update it, just download the zip folder instead. :)

i just realized the 32x32 is just the 16x16 upscaled anyway, so shouldnt make a difference afterall, thank you.


I love the amount of updates and care for the costumers with these assets, keep it up!


will do!

Hello there! Starting off by saying i really like your work, beautiful stuff! Are you perhaps interested in doing some custom paid jobs as well? Im 1 year deep in developing a 2D mmo, and I'm in need of some nice pixel art! :)

If interested, contact me: for some further discussions.


I will contact! :D


I really love this bundle, thanks for all the updates, I bought it again to support your work, keep it up!

Thank you!


Hi! I really like this asset pack collection! Does it come with enemies and characters? Or will you add some to it? 

Since this is a roguelike asset pack will there be some kind of separate shooting weapons pack? Sorry for many questions ha ha. I'm a big fan of your work!

I might get both bundles little later on if you do another sale closer to end of the year;)

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right now it's only tilesets, I'm still not sure how I will go with enemies and characters, I'm adding enemies and characters of my other assets together on the bundle sale for now.


Love the Pyramid update, it looks amazing, will you still bring more updates? thank you.

yes, I'm still updating and bringing more content to it!


I got this on a bundle sale and I was using only fantasy dreamland, downloaded now rogue adventure and it is really awesome, cannot wait for more updates, will login to itch more often to get the new updates.

I really appreciate that, happy you like it!

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bought the pack and its fantastic - such a HUGE selection of tiles to work with - but I wondered if you can advise which pack containg the "dead trees" - noticed them on several of the examples (including the graveyard) but i cant find them... can you advise?
FOUND THEM - theyre in the wasteland in rogue adventure!

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Thank you, I'm still working on them so don't forget to check itch time to time to grab the new assets and updates! :D