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The Mega Music Bundle combines over 20 of our previous music packs into a single collection of 100+ exceptional compositions at a discounted price.

Please note that this is just an info page, you can access the bundle here:

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Asset Content: Weekly rotation!

The Mega Music Bundle roulettes between different variations of the series below every week. At any time the bundle will contain at least 100 tracks of any of the below series; check the bundle to see what is included at the time of your purchase.

Atmospheric Fantasy

Our 'Atmospheric Fantasy' Bundle features 25 beautiful atmospheric background tracks to accompany your fantasy-themed game.

Atmospheric Harp

Our reinterpretation of atmospheric harp music captures the essence of original Celtic harp music, all packs totaling 25 exceptional compositions.

Cosy Melodies

Homely tunes for your next cosy game: The 'Cosy Melodies' Series currently offers 3 packs featuring 5 soothing tracks each.

Dark Fantasy

Create dark and tense atmospheres with our 'Dark Fantasy' Bundle: 25 orchestral compositions that turn your game into a gripping and immersive journey.

Epic Medieval

Our first series ever; five packs totaling 26 tracks that turn every game into a truly immersive and epic experience. Bonus vocals included!

Farming RPG

Perfect your game with a complete bundle of our most popular series: the 'RPG Farming' Bundle. This bundle combines our previous five packs, each containing five cosy/relaxing tracks into a single collection of 25 compositions.

Kawaii - Cute

Introducing our 'Kawaii - Cute Music' series, five packs making a total of 25 charming tracks that are perfectly tailored for a variety of in-game scenarios.

RPG Medieval Fantasy

The RPG Medieval Fantasy series has everything you need to enrich your RPG world. It features 5 tracks for 5 distinct scenarios: Adventure, Village, Dungeon, Taverns and Battles.


Buckle up, Fantasy Fanfare is going to space! In this series, you will find 10 dynamic tracks that transport you to the outer reaches of the universe. 

Tavern Tales

This music series features ten acoustic styled tracks, perfect for tavern and storytelling settings. Cheers!


Board your ship and swing your axe - it's time for an epic norse adventure with this Viking themed OST. Viking Music Volume I comprises 5 soundtracks plus bonus vocals to serenate your victory!


Christmas Music Series

Let's get festive! Our Christmas Music series contains five tracks so far.

Wild West

Wild West Series

We tried our hands at Wild West music! Perfect for those roleplaying days. 5 tracks so far.


8-BIT Adventure

Who doesn't love some nostalgia? We tried our hands at making our own 8-bit inspired tracks, totalling 7 tracks so far.

Harp Chronicles

Harp Chronicles Series

For our fans of gentle and crystal clear harp sound, we have extended our repertoire with another series inspired by the traditional string classic. 5 tracks so far!

All tracks are loopable or have loopable versions included!


Fantasy Fanfare is a collaboration between ElvGames and Peggusensei to bring you high quality soundtracks for your game!

Under our licence, you are free to use our compositions on any kind of game project, personal or commercial. You cannot resell or distribute our compositions as they are. Credits to ElvGames & Peggusensei.

For more information, check our terms!

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Could you please confirm: Does the license cover all personal and commercial works and products except the exception ("You cannot resell or distribute our compositions as they are."). Or is it limited to games?

Could I make a Youtube video (like trailers for the game, let's plays of the game, or utterly unrelated videos) that uses the works as background music? Or a movie, app, or an audiobook that has the music in the background?

Hi Ravery! Thanks for reaching out.

We make the music with the intention of it to be used in video games and everything related to it, but we have also extended the license to include non-game related videos. That means you can use it as background music for let's plays, trailers, or any other type of video related to your game project, or even unrelated content (e.g. background music in a cooking video or something).

The main restriction when using the music is that you cannot resell or redistribute our works (even if modified) on any platform. For example, we wouldn't want you to upload the songs in their entirety as a "Game OST showcase".

If you would like to use our music in other projects such as movies, apps (game apps are fine!) or audiobooks, you will need a different license. For that, just shoot us a message, so we can talk about the details.

For further information, please consult our terms and conditions. If you have a specific use case in mind, you can also reach out and ask us directly. Then we can give you a more direct answer.

I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to reach out.


Very good!

Thank you for the detailed response.

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This really sucks. A friend told me about this pack (and the sale) this morning. I just got home from work and fired up my pc to listen/buy this pack (had my eye on some of the albums)..  only to find out... that the sale has ended about 1.5 hours ago...

I'm truly crushed...

Hey ShadoPixel,

Thank you for being interested in our bundle! Don't worry; We've brought it back! 

But if you want the packs that are included right now, be sure to buy it before tomorrow, as the contents of the bundle change every sunday.

I hope that helps, and if you decide to buy the bundle we hope you enjoy it. 

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I Read your message. It is awesome that the sale is on again. I already got the RPG Medieval Fantasy bundle and the Farming RPG bundle from a while back, that is how I knew to keep these bundle under close watch.

I really like your music, it's truly amazing..
But am I correct to say that it seems that even though on this page the bundle says that the Dark Fantasy is included, it is not included when you click the buy now button?

It is one of the 3 packs that I wanted (and I don't care if I'm buying 3 bundles that I already own), together with the Epic medievil and Kawaii bundle..

Does this pack sale come back with everything included? I am working on a big game project (3 years in the making) and music is highly important to me.

(1 edit)

Hey again,

Thank you for the kind words and reply! Let me explain how it works.

During special periods (e.g. Black Friday), we usually drop a special sale that contains all of our products. Outside of that time, the bundle rotates between different products every week. So, your assumption that Dark Fantasy was not included yesterday is correct. It is now though. You can always check here: https://itch.io/s/87704/ Everything listed on the right side is included.

We do mention this in the description, however I can see how it would easily be overlooked. I'll look into how we can communicate this more clearly going forward.

I hope that helps, and good luck with your project!

When I try to download it says there is nothing to download?

Hey Chaosborn! 

This is just an info page, you can access the bundle via the link above ("Buy the Bundle") or simply using this link:

Good luck with your project and happy holidays!

Hello, I have purchased your Black Friday Music Bundle Fantasy Fanfare on November 20th. But I didn't get your Viking Music Pack, which was added to the bundle later that day. Am I not supposed to get it because I purchase before it was added?

Hi! Thanks for purchasing :)

During the Black Friday sale, all packs are included in the sale. However, the pack you mentioned was only released after you bought it, so it wasn't included at the time of your purchase.

If you're still interested in the Viking Music Pack, it's now $3.29 only for as long as the Black Friday music sale is on.

I hope that helps!


Your music is amazing. It made me more motivated than ever to work on my game! I made an account just to buy this :)


Thank you so much! That means a lot :) Good luck with your game and when you finish it, feel free to send us a link to it :)


I definitely will! I'll make sure to credit you as well for the music. 


Hello,I'am having trouble purchasing your music through PayPal, and I'm not sure why. Whenever I try to buy any of your tracks, it shows that I haven't linked a bank card, but when I attempt to make payments for other purchases, it goes through without any issues. This situation is quite frustrating. I am genuinely a big fan of your music bundle and I would really like to buy it. Could you please provide me with some guidance on how to resolve this matter?


I'm sorry for disturbing you. I've come up with a solution and successfully purchased the bundle. Your music is truly amazing – I fell in love with it on the first listen and decided to make the purchase. I hope you can create even more fantastic music. Additionally, I plan to use some of the tracks in my game. If the game is successfully developed and released, I will leave you a message. (Please forgive any awkwardness or mistakes in my English.)

Hey Control Dream Games,

First of all, don't worry about your english, it's great!
Sorry to hear you had trouble paying, however I am glad that you have found a solution. 
Thank you so much for your kind words! We will definitely create more music, so stay tuned! 

If you do end up releasing your game, we'd love to check it out! Feel free to send us a message when you release it. For now, good luck with the development of your game and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out.


amazing stuff, keep em coming


Do your license include any usage limitation (some kind of projects, or even number os projects including assets)?

(1 edit)

Hi! Great question!

Let me break it down for you as best as I can.

- We do not limit the buyer from using the music on any kind of game projects. (Note: The only exception are NFT and crypto games)
Usage is only limited when it comes to a project that would re-distribute the music as it is. Think of an example where you put an entire music pack on a video / audio platform for people to listen to or download (Note: that does not include putting our music suite in your game). 
We mainly just require you to be transformative, as in you cannot re-distribute the music. You have to use it in a project.

- As for the number of uses, this is unlimited, as long as it is you that uses it on your project. The license is non-transferrable, so aslong as you use it on your project, it has unlimited uses.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Edit: for more information, you can also check the terms here: