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Hey, I Love the Artstyle.

But I have to ask, how this can be used in RPG Maker MZ?
Because you have no A3 (buildings) or A4 (Walls) which are essential in RPG Maker MZ.
I tried using some of the other Tilsets in combination, to be able to work around this Problem, but this doesn't seem to work either.


Hello LunaSkySC, I will take a look if I can get the A3 and A4 tiles to work, it may take a while but I will message you here again.

Thank you, that would be awesome!

Hi, this Fantasy Dreamland World Pack contains all of Fantasy Dreamland assets at the Mega bundle? 

Hello Eymardsilva, Yes, you can check all the available packs on this world pack here.

Hi, Elv. Thanks for your reply. I have another simple question: at the RPG Maker MV folder, we have an folder called 'tilesets'. How to import and set up then correctly on the RPG Maker MV database?  There are a lot of 'A2' files and I get confused to import then. Can you help me with this?

Love your work! It takes me back to retro games. Question, between this and Farming Game World, which do you consider the one to have the most assets and variety? I am looking at these two because I am wanting to purchase one with everything it includes included added packs. So I want to get the most out of it. What I have in mind is a survival rpg and dungeon crawling into one. Thank you in advance.

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It depends, Fantasy and Farming have brighter enviroment, Rogue Adventure can also be an option but is darker.

Fantasy Dreamland focus was a turn based RPG.
Rogue Adventure focus was action rpg.
Farming Game World was farming with action.

Both Farming and Fantasy will work, on which has more content, currently is Fantasy Dreamland, keep in mind that all the 3 above work together in case you need more content.


great set but it's missing the A3's and A4's for every set, and those are very important for creating stuff in RPG maker.

Is there a bundle that contains all of your top-down/RPG assets? Like Dreamland Fantasy + Summerwind Saga + Rogue Adventure? I saw 2D Game Assets Mega Bundle but it only seemed to have a few bits and pcs from all 3 packs.

Hello, right now I'm not making any sale with all of my assets, currently the mega bundle contains all Rogue Adventure + Kingdom Explore and Platformer Series + a lot of other stuff such as Enemies, SFX, VFX, UI, Tools...

Gotcha. I was specifically interested in the 3 Top-Down packs. Any plans on those being bundled somehow in the future?

Hey i just got this pack and i dont seem to see any of the fantasy dreamland sets

Hello, what do you mean?
If you got this pack, just download the ZIP file and everything is inside.

Omg im sorry i posted this on the wrong pack i purchased the mega asset pack bundle and none of the dream land packs are there.

I have sent a email to you're support email if you would want to continue talking there


I originally bought this pack on Unity but liked it so much that I bought it again via Itch after the recent Unity announcement so I could use it elsewhere.

Thank you! :D


You're welcome!

Hello, what are the sprites sizes? Can than be compatible for 64x64 tiles?


Hello, the tile size is 16x16, you could scale it to 64x64 if that's what you mean, now if your tiles are 64x64 with high details, it probably won't fit together.

with the Unity package do you mark it as an update so that any edited files aren’t affected when installing the new stuff or do I just need to be careful and not reimport stuff I’ve changed?

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The unity package is always uploaded with the new tiles as a new package, so yes, you have to be careful as you import the new sprites.
If I can suggest, create a folder where you import only the new content which wouldn't affect your main project.

hello, looks great! 

question, for RMMZ does it come with a sample game?

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Hello, not yet, the assets are all inside a folder RPG Maker MZ which you can copy and paste into your project and start using, but not a project.

This would be a huge plus for people like me who aren't the best at mapping. Hoping one day there are sample maps included!


Sorry if this is answered somewhere but I didn't see it.
Is it possible to use Fantasy Dreamland, Retro Game World and Rogue Adventure tile sets/assets together?
Basically are they the same style art and would they look ok mixed and matched in maps?


Hello, yes you can, Rogue Adventure is a bit more detailed but it shouldn't stand out at all, have fun!

Awesome!! Thanks!!

Can i use it for Rpgm MZ?

And can i use it for Adult game?

Hello, yes and yes, the asset comes with a folder RPG Maker MZ (48x48) which you can simple copy and paste inside your project and use.

Are the tilesets and sprites from this set compatible with RPG Maker XP?

I think XP and VX uses the same tilesets if I remember right, so yes, they're compatible and easy to use!

I just checked, they are not compatible sadly. XP uses 32x32 sprites but with an extra animation. There are converters that can convert the sprites from VX and to XP and they work fine after I did that. But the tilesets are another story. XP uses one sheet for an entire tileset, no more than 256 wide. The only way I could get it to work, was to use another converter I found that runs inside MV and converts the MV tilesets into XP. It pops out one sheet and it does work, but sadly the auto tiles don't work. No water at all. 

I will take a look on how RPG Maker XP works, I used it but that was really long ago, thought it was the same as VX.

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Okay cool. Me too. Recently I got into it because of a certain engine I'll be using that's only compatible with XP. I was surprised to see how different the tileset and sprite requirements are. 

Any plans for a weapon / spellpack?

what do you mean? Icons?

Yup, icons of various weapons. Swords, Shields, Daggers and inventory items like potions, elixers, spellbooks

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if you got rogue adventure, there is a complete icon pack with it!

Note: This doesn't have spells/magic icons, only spellbooks, equipments and items.

Thanks. One question, what font did you use or would you recommend for Fantasy Dreamland art pack?

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it depends on the game I guess, but I do like pixel fonts, on Fantasy I use a font I found on 1001font.

Does the zip come with a project file with all assets already preloaded into the engine, personally hate having to manually add ALL resources into rpg maker , alot of creators dont properly label the assets so it makes for alot of guess work, also battlers?

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no, it doesn't come with a RPG Maker project, it comes with the files separated already on the right folders (tilesets, characters, system, enemies...), simple copy them and paste inside the IMG folder of your project and it's done (for RPG Maker).
Yes, all characters, enemies and bosses have side view battlers.

Edit: the bundle also contain a Tool that create sprites + side view battlers of that sprite.

How do we use the enemy sv battlers? theyre in a spritesheet animation format that RPG Maker doesnt use?


Do you have any plans to add 4-directional animations beyond the walk cycles? (Attacking, Running, Rolling, Hurt/Death, etc.) Already a great package as is, the value is truly awesome. I'm just curious as I'd like to use it for more action RPG style.

the main goal of Fantasy Dreamland was to make a RPG game but not ARPG, I could make some overlays for attacking and such, maybe dead sprite, but animations such as attacking, rolling and such probably not.


Fair enough, thanks for the quick reply and thanks again for the fine work!

got this with Rogue Adventure, both are awesome, great work.

Thank you! :D

Hello, when i try to combine the Grass with the water to make kind of an Island it just doesnt work, like it has a blank space in the middle, how can i fix that?

which engine you're using? is it missing some tiles maybe? if so, could you say which tileset of the bundle you're using so I can fix? thanks, hope I can help! :D

Grassland, Village. i'm using RPG Maker MV

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I added FD_Grasslands_A1_2 and FD_Grasslands_A1_3 to the Grassland tiles, you can download it by clicking here and get the v4 update!
I will update the world files now too, it should fix that problem hopefully, just use one of them both instead of the transparent one!

Edit: I updated the World asset with it too!


Thanks! i'll give you an update soon!


It Works!

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Hello, does it same thing than your asset pack bundle ? Thanks!

For example, does it contain your character sprite bundle ?


the world asset contains everything of Fantasy Dreamland!
when you purchase this asset you can also claim any Fantasy Dreamland asset :D


got it some days ago, pretty awesome, thanks for all the work.

thanks! cannot wait to see what you will make with it! :D

saw the bundle on twitter, decided to get the Fantasy Dreamland to use on some game jams, it's pretty awesome, did not think it had enemies together, that's pretty amazing.

Thank you, if you make a game, let me know so I can add to my page! :D


nice work with the small video clips, just got the bundle and will be using it soon!


Thanks! I will be making a trailer for the whole fantasy dreamland soon!


Thanks for the bundle! I used these assets in a game I did for a multiplayer game jam after we had difficulties finding a 2d artist. Do you take commissions for work at all? Check out our game!

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wow that's super cool, I will add it to my collection so peoples can see on my page!
I don't really take commissions but what are you looking for? thank you!

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Thank you, that's much appreciated!

Specifically I'm looking for a few design assets (a logo, some inventory pieces alongside your existing inventory, etc), some item type graphics, and some crafting machines / placeable items. You'd be welcome to publish those assets for commercial distribution on your page in addition to the commission, we can definitely arrange something win-win.

If you're interested add me on discord! <redacted>


just got the bundle and I got to say, they're pretty nice, great work!


thank you!


you're welcome.


Does the access key contain Fantasy Dreamworld extras - Blacksmith! by ELV Games (

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Yes, everything that is Fantasy Dreamland can be downloaded after you get the access key!


Is there a way you can send me this color palette it looks so good!


Would it be possible to get the sample maps you used for the screenshots too? Your mapping is fantastic.


the maps were made on game maker, not sure how to export them for other engines, I could try to add them as parallax layers.


Okay, no problem. Probably wouldn't be that hard to replicate them anyway because of the beautiful simplicity of the set. Reminds me so much of Gen 3 Pokemon. I'm in love with it!


Does the GameMaker sample project also included within that .zip file? Or is it just a flat image files provided.


if you want, you can get fantasy dreamland on game maker marketplace, there all the tilesets are ready to use and there is sample maps included with the project, they're easy to import and use, you can get it here!