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How do i save it with weapons? I know i did it before

Hello, you have to choose RPG Maker version.

Can I use characters created in any game engine or just RPG Maker?

Hello, any game engine you want! :)

Can we add our own parts to the generator? Like if I wanted to add a new hair style.

nope, sadly you cannot add your own parts into it.

Do you plan to make any updates to this tool?
It's amazing and I love it.

Thanks, I will see what I can do.

Any plans to make this accessible on macs? :) Love the rest of the collection though! It's been great to work with so far!


Hey ELV Games, your 2D Topdown Mega Bundle is one of the best products on itch I’ve seen so far, I instantly bought it, thank you!

Is there a way to get the assets of your Character Builder? I Would like to implement them for a Character builder in the Godot Engine. Of course I would pay Money if needed and I can share the Implementation to you too.

Keep work on your great Products!

Greetings Neo.


you mean the art? you want to recreate my character creator on godot? 


Yes, I want the players to be able to customize their Character. They wont be able to export the game art or something. Just character creation.

I agree. Would be tremendous if we are given the parts data. So we can stitch them together in our Godot game and have the player ability to change their looks on the fly as opposed to pre-generated sprites. 


will take a look into that, soon I will be working on this tool again because I want to add some extra frames to the generated sprites.


great looking character creator.  Are there any plans to create characters in 16x16 ?  These would match the tiels in the various tilesets youre offering at present (and the retro 8 bit machine I'm designnig my game for has sprites are are 16x16!)


the characters itself are designed for 16x16 tiles and games, but I had to make it export on a 24x24 canvas because I made some bigger hairs and helmets.


Ah okay.  Thanks for the fast reply. 

Great tilesets!   Just purchased the full bundle.  Fanatastic value! 


What is the difference between this and your sprite generator?

it's the same tool, I've added on both bundles, so if you buy either the bundle, you get the generator!


Very nice.  Would it be possible to add a right mouse click that drops down a list/menu you can choose from? Using the arrows one by one can be a bit slow.

I will try to add that!


My bottom sprite never matches the top in skin tone. And when it goes to the slime, the bottom slime is behind the human sprite, but matches colors. 

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Oh I see why, the human sprite never leaves the bottom. So if you look at the dog, you will only see the ears and nose from the dog. Examples 

I guess while giving feedback, the hair doesn't fit the slimes at all which is a shame. The shirts kind of give the small ones ears. The pants don't sit well. Accessories mostly don't work obviously. I cannot tell about the weapons. 

There should be a way to pause movement or let us change them to a position we want. I often had to stop and wait for them to move where I wanted them to. 

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the slime is not suppose to wear anything, it was a test I forgot to remove, will take a look what is happening and fix!

It's fixed, just download it again and it should work fine!

nope, it was really a bug, I just fixed it now, sorry I didn't see that before uploading!


Oh no! I would have definitely kept the slimes in (and now will never uninstall my version with then) 

 I did notice another inconsistency here. 

Some weapons have 4 rows of slashes, and some only have 3. 
Hammer and swords I've tested have 3. The wand has 4. 
Slimes also were missing one flat/dead battler frame. 

yeah, the slime I made with some spare assets I had, to test the battler, instead of drawing the whole character sheet.
the hammer and swords have only 3 because the 4th is used as Magic Cast on RPG Maker, so sword, hammer or bow is not used on that frames, only the staff.


ah I see! Interesting to know. Thank you. But yeah, be keeping two versions I guess. One with old slimes, and one with new updates. Special early edition I guess. Haha. 

It just brings cool memories of Super Nintendo times!  Nice characters, fantasy stories! It is very cool about rpg maker JRPG games!

Thanks, that's what I tried with it, bring a SNES/GBA feeling!