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I have already purchased ELV and intend to purchase other assets from you, but I believe it would add much more value to these assets if you included attack and damage animations for enemies and bosses.


Hello, I'm currently working on it! :D


Thank you for responding, I also wanted to say that your work is incredible and I'm looking forward to this update!

Hey! Love your work. Do you know when you plan to add those attack animations for your 4 directional enemy sprites? I love your stuff but I hate that I either have to choose 2 directional sprites with attacks animations (rogue adventure sprites) or 4 directional sprites but no attack animations. Would love to have an enemy sprite selection that comes with both

Hello kyoumagames, I wanted to finish Rogue Adventure as I've made a lot of content to Fantasy Dreamland already, once I finish some Bosses I will get back to the enemies, I will either add attack overlay or animations, will come up with something then.

does it have animations too?

just 4 direction walking animation and dead sprite.


Are there also side-view battlers of the enemy monsters here too?


if you mean RPG Maker ones, yes, they're also included, the enemies pack also got side-view battlers.


the boss of the thumbnail has a weird walking cycle, I fixed it myself, just reporting it if you want to fix.

fixed it, thanks for reporting! :D