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I think the tileset is missing a stone wall tile. For example in your animated screenshots, there are tiles to be able to do these type of S-pattern like these. 

The closest that I was able to find are these two tiles. Both of them don't work. It looks like I need some kind of hybrid between the bottom part of the tile to the right side and the top part of the left tile, but it is nowhere to be found in your tilesheet... 

Any idea?

Hello, thanks for reporting that, I added these tiles, the 3 tiles bridge and more fences, it's all located on a new image as Extras.

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Thank you so much for adding the missing tiles in less than 12h!! Amazing support!!

Excellent tileset. I absolutely love the animated trees! However, there are a few tiles that I wish this tileset had. Nothing that I cannot add on my own with asprite so it's not really a big deal: For example, the 2x1 wide stonesteps, I wish it was 3x1 with a middle repeating tile I could make steps in any arbitrary width. Same with the wooden bridge tiles. they are only available in 2x1 or 1x2.  I wish they were 3x1 and 1x3 with a middle repeating tile. Also, for the fences, I wish it was a complete blob tileset. Many permutations are missing. For example, ever post have 0, 1 or 2 sides, but we don't have any posts with 3 or 4 sides. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!!

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I'm not sure if you have the entire Rogue Adventure but the screenshots are made with the entire collection, these tiles can be found on the Wastelands Pack! :D

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I just checked the package but, the tiles in question are on the asset pack, you just have to draw the 3rd grass on top of the 1st one and you will achieve what is above, example:

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Looks awesome - the trees are really nice - but is this part of the Rogue Adventure Bundle - if so its not letting me add it to my existing assets from that set and only offering a buy it now option...

Fixed it, thanks for reporting! :D


no problem - gorgeous work as always :-)