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Hello I'm curious if all these packs work for Godot? I'm very new to developing games so I'm looking for reliable assets. I also want to be clear, if I use these packs I can sell my game and make money?

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Hello Ramblle, Yes they work with Godot and yes you can sell your game and make money with it, all you have to do is write credits for ElvGames, that's it, have fun! :)

Hello! Could you clarify what constitutes commercial use? Could they be used in a game or as part of a foundry vtt module with attribution?

Hello, sure you can use them on a commercial game, but what is a "foundry vtt module"?
I tried to search, but I couldn't grasp what it is...

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Foundry is a virtual tabletop software that allows people to play tabletop roleplaying games online. A  module is a modification to that software that changes some core functionality; in my case a free module that randomly generates items like weapons, armor in the players' game. Because the module is public, it would give anyone who uses it in their game unpaid access to your art assets.

I would place attribution credit and a link to your, both in the module and on Github repo which hosts it. Given this clarification however, I more than understand if you change your answer. Thanks for the speedy response, and please let me know either way.

Hello, in that case you would be redistributing the assets for free, which is against the terms I have, so I cannot allow you to use on that, I do believe that you can find some free assets that you could use for it.

got it! Thanks for clarifying