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Hey there!

Left a comment as a reply below, but was mostly curious to see if the tool is still being maintained or if there's an ETA on an update. Saw in the last devlog that you mentioned previous maps might be incompatible, so just wanted to double-check before I invested a ton of time into my maps!

Hello Zephry, sorry I have been really busy and haven't touched the map tool for a while, on the last update I had to change how the map was draw and for that reason it wasn't working with the old save files, that shouldn't happen on a next version.

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There's a bug where you can't draw anything on the right edge of the screen. The map size I have it set to is 640x480 so I don't know if that might cause an issue.

Thanks for reporting it, I will take a look into it!

Can this be used in RPG Maker MZ? 

Hello, yes, the map is created into a .PNG file, you could use it as a parallax map image or as show picture event, I would recommend use it as parallax and put your events on top, it's easier.

Ah ok, sounds good, thanks.

Hi there, would it be possible to allow the window to be increased so we could show more of the map at once? Even if the map size remains limited, it is hard to judge scale when needing to pan.

Hello, I will take a look into it, thanks for the feedback! :D

Would seriously love this feature as well! Have mostly got around it by just continually exporting it, but being able to maximize the window to zoom in and out would be very very appreciated.

You should definitely put this tool on Steam as well. And if you could get it work with Steam Workshop thingy, that would be a killer little app!


I will get a page up soon, been planning that as I work on it!


Does this allow adding custom art/tiles, or does it only work with what's built-in?


not yet, right now it works only with what it's included on it