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What size can i put this to rpg maker mv or mz? will be nice when u have size 16x16 tile then i  can modify size u know :)

Hello, there is sprites for RPG Maker MV/MZ and ACE on the pack, simple copy and paste it on your project to use. :)

Are you going to make some type of fire dungeon or mines for this pack? beautiful work, really like this one, thanks.


Yes, I'm planning that. :D


Hello! I bought a slightly older version of the TopDown Mega Bundle that doesn't seem to be updating anymore so it doesn't include these assets and a few other new ones you've created. I'd like to buy these new assets in the bundle as well but I don't think it would be wise of me to buy the whole Mega Bundle again when I already purchased most of the assets in it. So I was just wondering if you will be making a new asset world pack bundle for this new style like Fantasy Dreamworld etc!


Yes, I'm going to make another world asset soon, I would recommend you to wait a bit and get the world then! :D


Beautiful work!

Thank you! :D