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Hello, I could not figure out, how you made the corner in the middle room, next to the bed right bottom, next to the green wall. I see that there are 2 wall tiles, but the upper one is half black and I cannot find a solution to make the grey border line on the left side of that tile, because it needed to be also only half of the tile... can you help please? 

Hello weilhalt, could you  tell me which engine you are using? so I can add these tiles if they are missing.
In case you are using Unity or GameMaker, you can use the tiles as 8x8 to achieve that, too. :)

It is rpgmaker mz, 48x48 tiles.

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Hello, you can find these tiles on the A5 image, here:

Please note that this is not the reborn series interior, but this interior.


These are awesome. Always looking for more interiors that match the Pokémon style. These will work nicely alongside the original interiors. Amazing work!