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I purchased the mega bundle but cannot download this for free.

Hello, if you got Fantasy Dreamland on the Mega Bundle, you can download these here.


These are great! Have you ever considered making assets designed for monster tamer games?


Hello, I'm trying to keep consistency with my own style, I think it could be used for that purpose, do you have anything specific or one example?  thanks!


Hmm, perhaps that's true actually :) When I think of monster tamer's I usually imagine cuter artwork though, but that might be up to preferences! 


Noted, I will see what I can come up with!

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Yea I certainly think its in the eye of the beholder - I couldn’t think of a style closer to monster tamer aside from directly ripping pokemon. Though I love the adaptability of your style because I think it also works just as well for a Zelda type rpg as well - this particular series I’ve drafted both styles with.

Actually I think this works even better than pokemon for monster tamer’s since it covers all the bases there and adds the potential (though you can strictly adhere to either) for the same type of world with more depth.

On top of that, and to any potential buyers reading this, I got this series during my first week of moving into 2D TD development in early March. I now own well over a hundred complete asset packs and all three of the ELV series have retained their places in the top tier of assets, collectively also my most used by far. In the last 4 months they’ve all seen consistent expansion releases and set additions - when I think about it I believe they are the most robust series available with SRW being the only peer. Most importantly they are extremely adaptable and can be either directly or with great ease modified to work with the vast majority of other assets I’ve found.

is this included if you bought the mega bundle previously?

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Yes, it will be added to the Fantasy Dreamland pack soon if you own it! :)

amazing thank you