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Hello! I recently bought this asset and I'm trying to use a water tile in Unity, but I can't find a good 16x16 water tile to fill my desired space. Do I need to use 8x8 tiles? But there's many different center 8x8 tiles we can choose from the water auto tiles png. Which one to use?

Thanks for your amazing work! Lovely and incredibly useful art assets!

Hello, do you have a screenshot of what you are trying to do? I don't think that the water animated tile will work as 8x8 tiles.

I want a 16x16 tile with only water in it instead of what is in the FD_Auto files which all of them have borders with the floor texture. The tile would be something like this: 

Hello, thanks for reporting that, I just found out that the 16x16 water tiles was not on the pack, I have included them now. ;)

I'm using the whole Fantasy Dreamland bundle for a Playdate game I'm working on, and I was wondering, have you considered making controller button glyphs?

I would love to keep everything aesthetically similar, so having some glyphs made by you for the set would be awesome.

Thanks for your work!

could you give me some reference of what you mean?
do you mean button icons? or do you mean stones/monuments with glyphs?


Sorry, yes like button icons. Things for the UI. Not literal glyphs 😅 my bad lol


noted, I will work into one asset pack for that type of icons!


You got a lot of great work friend

Thanks! :D


Could you show me how you autotiled the water tiles in GameMaker? I'm having trouble figuring that out.

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use 8x8 grid for the water tiles and the auto tiles, here is how I use it.


Are the sparkle animations part of the pack? If so, that's amazing


can be added without a problem, right now they're just particles!